The wilderness of Aldonquia!

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The wilderness of Aldonquia!

Post by Tayver Creolean on Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:18 am

The Laus of Aldonquia:

The Laus are the ancient spirits of Aldonquia and are said to have existed far before the planet's birth. Some bring harmony while others bring horror, yet they all keep balance in their own way as well as they are the main religion of the Aldish creatures. It was once said that they were the ones that helped form the planet as well as the multitude of different species currently roaming this vast planet. Even the head dragon herself comes to these powerful spirits for help or advice. Summoning them from their spiritual plane is difficult and only done by the village elders of each different 'tribe' of species as anyone inexperienced may accidentally summon the wrong one and cause mass destruction! Though some cause havoc while others are tame, getting them to go back to the spiritual plane is a little close to impossible as they will want to do more and more but staying too long in one dimension they do not belong in is incredibly damaging to the landscape as the energies they put off gets more toxic upon the hour.

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