These will be the rules from here on in!

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These will be the rules from here on in!

Post by Tayver Creolean on Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:48 pm

These rules are set in place so that the forum can be a fun environment for all to enjoy! Any alterations of them must be talked over with either the head dragon or the dragon council with examples of how and why they seem unfair or just out right unjust. I try to create an environment where everyone can enjoy the wonderful gift they have in role-play and use it to their heart's content!

User(species holder) and Moderator(Dragon council) behavior:

1. ~A Moderator/Admin should NEVER use their position in rank to control any user! We are all equal people here, so let's try to make it work together! But, that does not mean Authorities in the right places should not matter!

2. ~I cannot stress this enough but please keep all Porn/Erotic Role Play, profanities, and all of the harsh meme images out of both the Chat box as well as posts for Role-Plays as well as in general. Grim dark (Gore/horror in moderation) is fine and such; if used on another player, make sure you discuss it fully via PM so you are both cool with it.

3. ~Take others feelings into consideration! We want to make friends, not enemies here! If you have a problem with the person or RP please take it (calmly) to PM, otherwise we'll have to issue three strikes. If those three strikes are passed, you will be temporarily banned. If you return with the same attitude, a full ban will be issued along with a personal PM as to why you are acting as such. Caring about people is what communities are all about, right?  

4. ~Dragon Council (Mods): In order to issue a ban, it must first be thoroughly discussed with the Head Dragon(Admin) as well as screen shot or other info provided for proof of the infraction placed upon said person, not simply because you don't like them! If such action is taken without permission, the status will be temporarily removed.

5. Please avoid taking personal offense to the actions of OCs. The conduct of OCs should not affect the manner in which members treat each other. Remember, characters are their own! Their personality has nothing to do with the posters' nor do their feelings reflect each other.

6. Please keep all personal info private! Nobody knows who's out there looking for their next victim. Even knowing them for years, online anyone can be anything! A person seen giving out their or another's personal info, such as home address, street name, phone number, real name and more will automatically be issued a temporary ban with an explanatory PM. This rule is for your own safety, heed it well!

Forum and posting procedures:

1. Apps and templates must be made for each rp you join or create, but you can copy and save them in the application section, and your name will be colored by which biome your character belongs to! Applications must be looked over and approved by the person who's rp you join and they have the ability to either deny or accept it based on the story they have planned. Any sort of denying the app due to the fact you don't like that person is a strike against you.
~If you are creating an rp and want certain rules for your rp in addition to the original rules, it must be stated at the bottom of your plot intro along with your self made template, custom to the certain rp. The apps can either be PM'ed to the creator of the rp or posted on the rp for them to go over.
~Every RP created must have an intro, plot, template, and rules (The rules are optional).

2. No god-modding/Power-Playing which means, no creating something overly super powerful that wins all the time and is incredibly invincible or cannot die or have the ability to control and/or 'steal' another's character (This pushes said person from the rp and it is incredibly rude!!). Any OC created by a person in this manner will be denied!

3. Meta-gaming means the character knows what will happen when something is discussed OOCly or Out of character (within the brackets). OC's will also be denied if this takes place.

4. All role-plays must adhere to a post order. Participants post in a cycle that updates when new members join.
For example:
Member A posts.
Member B joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C posts.
If some but not all of the OCs in a role-play enter into a situation in which their actions do not concern the other OCs, the independent group of OCs does not have to adhere to the conventional post order. For example, if two OCs initiate a private conversation, they may detach from the posting order until they choose to reintegrate.

5. Upon joining an RP, members should establish an understanding of the environment into which their OC is entering. Observing key components such as the setting (our forum takes place in a time where humans have never existed, therefore magic is dominant and technology does not exist), plot progression, and dialogue will ensure that the entering OC will integrate successfully.

6. Members may not use characters or images that are not theirs! Stealing is a crime, folks, and many in many cases, it can be punishable by law for copy write! Saying this, they may base a character off of an already existing character (Or a character from a show) if providing proof that the original creator(s) are alright with this OR they differ in several ways. (There are several talented members we have here that would love to sketch your OC if you want!

The Aldonquian species uses:

1. Laus and other spiritual beings (or other God-like creatures) are completely off limits! This is only due to the fact that they are incredibly unpredictable and often times unstable as well as overly powerful.

2. With that said, you can create any Aldish Creature within the creatures list if you want or create something new you've brought here from another plane saying you fell into Aldonquia and can't go back!

3. Elders of tribes can be created but in moderation. You must be incredibly careful as they are incredibly frail upon gaining the knowledge they have during their lives.

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